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Road Trip Home
PO Box 372
Acworth, GA

We also accept donations of various items as needed: cat litter, kitten food, towels, dog treats...please give us a call to determine current needs.

Why donate?

Since our initial van hit the road in 2011, we have saved over 13,000 lives.  And each month our numbers are growing!


But as you know, the cost of vetting and transporting all these animals is daunting. Every penny helps; no donation is too small.

We cannot help animals find their forever homes without you, and we are truly thankful to live in a community that understands our responsibility towards our pets, who through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless and desperate.


Fortunately, people like you make a difference in their lives, and they find their way home, no matter how far the journey. Because of our dedicated volunteers, foster families, and contributors, we have been able to send pets to several different locations in the Northeast.  All of these rescues open their arms to our animals in need, and our pets find forever homes quickly in communities that are thrilled to embrace them.


YOUR DONATIONS COUNT!  You can rest assured that your donation goes to taking care of our rescues from the moment we pick them up until the moment we drop them off, ready for their new lives!

Cost of Transport

Here's an idea how your donation can transform lives:



$1,500 covers the cost of a transport


$750 gets them halfway!


$500 treats one puppy for parvo


$150 covers vaccinations/heartworm testing for one dog or cat


$50 provides heartworm or feline leukemia test


Smaller donations are accepted as well!

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