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Road Trip Home Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization providing life-saving services for homeless pets in need in Georgia since 2011.  We work tirelessly to save as many homeless pets as possible and to relocate them to shelters in states where there is a demand for shelter animals.


A dog or cat is identified and received from animal control, a local shelter,  owner surrendered, or taken in by a good Samaritan.  The homeless pet is selected because of its temperament and adoptability.  It is given a full medical exam and quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks to determine any additional underlying conditions.  If necessary, the animal receives the appropriate medical care to insure that it is healthy.  A full range of vaccinations is administered. Health care is provided, ranging from regular preventative care to serious injury or illness. Once an animal is in our care, we are committed to its well being.


Once deemed healthy by a licensed veterinarian, the pet is transported in an air-conditioned van overnight to our partner shelters in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, or shelters in other states that we have inspected ourselves. These areas have been identified as having a high demand for shelter animals because they have been successful in enacting and enforcing laws that protect homeless pets.


Upon arrival to the new shelter, our pets are altered,  then made available for adoption, where they find new homes quickly!


Road Trip Home is committed to helping save as many lives as possible.

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